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No one has the power to label you & shouldn’t judge for how you label yourself. Just love who you love and the world would be much simpler”

-Kaelyn Petras. kaeandlucy lucyelizabeth

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August 12’ [x]


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Kaelyn- List 10 things about Lucy that no one would ever know.


  1. She absolutely hates her glasses. But I think she’s the cutest with them on.
  2. When she’s in a deep sleep, her eyes don’t close all the way and she twitches a lot
  3. She obsessively empties the trash on her laptop
  4. We have matching beauty marks- Her’s below her right eye, Mine below my left
  5. She…

Lucy- List 10 things about Kaelyn that no one else would know.


1. She makes kick ass fettucini alfredo. Seriously, she’s the boss of that dish.

2. When she walks downstairs, her feet go sideways, like a little baby penguin.

3. She gets drunk off of one beer and then has a killer hangover for three days.

4. She will eat boxes and boxes of raspberries at a…


if you wanna know where my priorities lie let me just say that i once skipped two finals and lost two letter grades on a research paper my senior year to go meet Gibby from icarly

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Anonymous asked: Can girls pee when they're on their periods?


no we just hold it in for a week.

"That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second."

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"This will never get easier. But I know that in a few years time, we will look back at these days with a sort of nostalgic indifference. These struggles keep us fighting for each other. They keep us strong. They keep us going."

-Lucy about Kaelyn 7, November 2012. kaeandlucy lucyelizabeth

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